For those owners (and dogs) who want to use established criteria to judge their progress, MDTC offers two options:

Club Tests
These are held annually. Details will be provided. If your dog successfully completes one test level you may attempt the next level. The levels are Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.

Good Citizens Dog Scheme
These are run at regular intervals through the year.
Dogs and owners of any fitness level or disability can take part. The scheme is non-competitive and emphasis is placed on the standard of achievement

Wilson and Jango

The Standards
There are four award levels: Puppy Foundation, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Your dog must wear a collar and lead and have a legally compliant identification tag, as illustrated below. Harnesses and head collars are also permitted in addition to the collar and lead. There are other items such as a toy, some treats, grooming brush and drying towel that you may need but your instructor will advise you about this.

The links below will provide more information for each award :-

Puppy Foundation
Canine Code