Indoor Training

Indoor training is at the Ladywood Leisure Centre and is primarily concerned with the behaviours which your dog needs to be your trusted companion. These include Heelwork, Socialising, Recall, Sit, Down, Stand, Stay and Leave

Training sessions are held every Friday night from 8 – 9.45 pm with sessions alternating between Beginners and Advanced throughout the evening. For new entrants there is a short Induction and basic training session where we assess what your dog can do and prepare it to enter the Beginners class. Indoor training runs from mid September to mid April, with a break from early December to mid-January when everyone seems to be occupied elsewhere.

Outdoor Training

Outdoor training covers the whole range of Club activities

Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Behaviours as above

Fun Agility
To help you and your dog learn the basics of agility for fun, good execrcise and learning to work with your dog as a team.


Outdoor training takes place on Thursdays in the fields adjacent to the car park at Vogrie Country Park from mid-April to mid-September (depending on the opening times at Vogrie). We normally have training in all disciplines every week unless the weather is very bad indeed


Forthcoming Events

The Law is changing as of April 6 2016 you must have your Dog Microchipped

Microchip the Law - Click to View - ~ Microchip the Law

Puppy Classes
For more information contact Susan at
Current puppy classes are full. The next classes are :-
Ladywood Leisure Centre 6 April 2018
Bonnyrigg TBA

Training Resumes Ladywood Leisure Centre Penicuik Friday 12 January at 8 pm

Brain Games and Tricks Class will take place monthly from Sunday 21 January 11.00 to 12.00 at Pentland Plants Loanhead. This class is for Club Members and the cost will be £2.50 per session. Those interested please contact Angie at

Club AGM 16 February 7.30 to 8.00 Ladywood Leisure Centre Penicuik.Followed by Normal Training Click to View AGM Notice.

Reactive Class this will take place on a Saturday at 12.00. the class is for Club Members and the cost will be £5.00 per session. For those interested please contact Caitlin at Further information will also appear on Facebook.

Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze and Silver tests will take place on Friday 23 March. There will be no Training that night